Photography: Andrew Wutke

One of the ambitions of JAHM was to integrate art projects into the architecture. Three artists were appointed prior to the commencement of building to undertake separate commissions that engaged the public when visiting JAHM.

Tunni Kraus - striped wall to external gallery façade.

Tunni Kraus created a striped wall composition that was based on research he had undertaken for his master’s program on the striped canvas awnings that were prevalent in the suburbs in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. In the selection and spacing of the standard pre-finished colours of the metal cladding, Tunni has imbued the walls with an understated dynamic, that clearly demarcates the gallery component within the architectural composition of the building.

Paul Snell - lift wall

Paul Snell is a Tasmanian artist whose art practice involves the digital decomposition of his photographs which he then recombines to create vibrant abstract images. Paul was commissioned to create a full wall glazed panel that consists of  rich coloured horizontal stripes. Within the context of the polished stainless steel walls and ceiling of the lift enclosure, the photographic panel is endlessly reflected to create a vibrant immersive experience.

Ilan El - 39 Steps

Ilan El, an Israeli born, Melbourne based lighting artist was commissioned to create an interactive, immersive lighting experience over the 3 flights of stairs, consisting of 39 steps at JAHM. Each step has an LED strip light which have all colours independently controlled by a computer in which Ilan inputted 50 lighting programs which randomly sequence. To make the work interactive, infrared sensors are located at the top and bottom of each flight of stairs, which when tripped change the lighting sequence into a unique personal lighting experience.